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The Impacts of this Work

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"This work is so valuable. Hearing first hand the stories and teachings of the Elders presented with humour and forgiveness was unforgettable and moving. I hope this group continues with this amazing work to help educate and transform our society."
                              -Workshop Participant

"This was one of the most powerful and impactful workshops I have ever attended. I was humbled by the courage and honesty of the Elders to share and educate. The information is offered in a way that does not blame but asks how can we heal this?" 
orkshop Participant
Opening Hearts and Minds


With a far reach and deep impact, outcomes of the Elders’ work ripple community-wide like many stones thrown in the water:

  • More than 20,000 people have been reached, from across the Cowichan region and beyond, including politicians, students, educators, librarians, hospital staff and RCMP.

  • Participants describe their experience as ‘life changing’, ‘transformative’ and ‘deeply impactful’.

  • Elders’ personal stories change perceptions and attitudes. Months and years later participants continue to feel the impacts, changing personal biases, assumptions, judgments, and behaviours.

  • Participants take action in their personal and professional spheres to change systems, decolonize hiring policies, and support Indigenous leaders.

  • Indigenous students at SD 79 experience less racism and greater tolerance, as teachers, staff and students learn cultural teachings and truth of history.

  • A new generation of student teachers is graduating from VIU with broadened worldviews.

  • Cultural teachings, values, perspectives and the role of ‘Elder’ are uplifted in both First Nations and non-First Nations communities.

  • Municipal and Cowichan Tribes leaders are strengthening relationships, standing together on issues like racism and working as a community of communities.

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