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About Quw'utsun' Cultural Connections Society

Where It All Began

It's been 15 years since we began our journey to build relationships and bridges between First Nations and non First Nations communities within the Cowichan valley. The North American Indigenous Games, hosted by Cowichan Tribes in 2008, were a turning point for the community, the first time that many non-First Nations people in the community became aware of the enormity of the social, economic and cultural divide that exists in the region. From this point forward we began the journey of Nuts’amaat Shqwaluwun - working together with one heart and one mind. Following the North American Indigenous Games, the Cultural Connections Elders carried out this work under the auspices of Social Planning Cowichan.

The Quw'utsun' Cultural Connections Society

In 2020, the Quw'utsun' Cultural Connections Elders established an Indigenous-led organization - Quw'utsun' Cultural Connections Society - to continue and expand the work and to make their legacy vision a reality for generations to come. 

Our Mission

The mission of the Quw’utsun’ Cultural Connections Society is to be guided and governed by Snuw’uy’ulh, the sacred laws that guide all aspects of life for the Quw’utsun' hwulmuhw. This will be done through generations healing the past for the generations yet to come. We acknowledge the sense of emergency of these times and the actions needed for future generations.

Foundational to our mission is that there is always a reason why we come together:


  • To confront and eradicate the current reality of systemic racism and the impacts of colonization

  • To understand the grief and loss that social and climate injustices bring to culture and identity

  • To connect Indigenous and non-Indigenous cultures locally and internationally

  • To reclaim the innocence of children, the gifts of adulthood and the wisdom of elders

  • To weave our story of a just and equitable future that is guided by Indigenous principles

About Our Logo


Sxwut'ts'uli is the Hul'q'umi'num' word for hummingbird.


Our logo was designed by Coast Salish artist Stuart Pagaduan, based on an earlier rendition by Penelakut artist Raymond Charlie.


Artist Bio: I was born in 1970 and raised on the S’amun’a Reserve in the Cowichan Valley. Raised by my grandparents I have learned the value and importance of Culture and Language. For the past 15 years I have been creating unique and creative Coast Salish Art. Working in many different mediums such as wood, graphic design, gold and silver jewelry, clothing, glass and drums. I continue to create modern pieces yet I am committed to the traditional style of Coast Salish Art. My work can be found locally as well as throughout the world. In addition to my art I work with our youth as a Language Cultural Teacher. My passion is sharing the legacy of our elders and the sacred teachings the young people.

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