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Principles that Guide Us

  • Uphold the values of Natsamaht Shqualwin – connection, respect, truth, forgiveness – in our relationships and in all that we do.

  • Honour the Elders and their connection to the ways of knowing understood by our ancestors.

  • Look to First Nations leaders and communities to define what reconciliation means and how to go about the journey.

  • Understand that relationships are at the heart of the reconciliation journey.

  • Understand that reconciliation can only be realized by acknowledging and knowing the truth of Canada’s history of oppressing Indigenous people and the impacts of our colonial past. At the same time, we understand that reconciliation requires transformation of ongoing colonial systems and attitudes that reinforce stereotypes, prejudice and racism.

  • Foster mutual respect, trust and equality amongst all partners.

  • Respect First Nations perspectives, worldviews, cultures and traditional practices and commit to cultural revitalization.

  • Recognize the cultural significance of places and landmarks in our community.

  • Encourage and listen to the voices of our youth.

  • Acknowledge the interconnectedness of all life and the natural world and its independent right to exist and flourish. Through our shared connection to the land we commit to our role as stewards of the unique ecosystems and landscapes where we live. 

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