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Upcoming Workshops: Journey of our Generation 

April 19th or May 3rd - Duncan
St. John's Anglican Church Hall

"This was one of the most powerful and impactful workshops I have ever attended. I was humbled by the courage and honesty of the Elders to share and educate. The information is offered in a way that does not blame but asks 'How can we heal this?'"

Workshop Description

Since 2006 here in Cowichan, Elders have been sharing their stories, their history and their healing following the values of nuts'amaat shqaluwun, people working together with one heart, one mind, one spirit. As they remind us, the longest journey is from our head to our hearts. We each have much to learn along the way as we learn forgiveness, and practice the values found in kindness, expressed through love and guided by respect.

Join Quw’utsun’ Elders who will take you on a journey through time with stories of pre-contact village life, the arrival of settlers, the development of colonies and policies of colonization. Sit inside western systems and Indigenous ways of being, to experience the impacts, effects and changes brought about by colonization. Explore the questions of where and how we go from here and join thousands of people who have participated and are committed to walking the road of Q'shintul - walking this journey together.

Registration: Register through EventBrite: April 19th or May 3rd,

or by email:

Cost: $65 (includes lunch, snacks, coffee and tea).

No one will be turned away due to insufficient funds.

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