Legacy Projects

The Quw'utsun' Elders have a broad legacy vision to protect and support Quw'utsun' cultural values and way of life. This will be fulfilled through projects such as Xpey' (Cedar) restoration and protection, digital storytelling, arts, culture and media .

Xpey' (Cedar) Restoration

​This project will take actions to mitigate the loss of Xpey' (Cedar), a cultural keystone species, that is threatened by climate change and land development. We will engage youth and Elders to revitalize traditional cultural practices for the stewardship and use of Xpey' through reconnecting youth to cultural knowledge and teachings about the land. The project will:

  • Honour the past by planting 3,000 cedar trees and restoring the conditions for cedar ecosystems to thrive. Trees will be planted throughout the region on family lands, community lands, and private lands so that cedar will be cared for, stewarded and used by future generations for harvesting and other cultural uses. This will be done in a ceremonial way to honour and acknowledge the children who lost their lives at residential schools.

  • Heal the present by building family and neighbourhood resiliency and addressing climate grief and loss

  • Give to the future by documenting and sharing cultural knowledge about the significance of Xpey'.

Quw'utsun' Multi-Media Arts and Culture Legacy Projects 
lucy filming_edited.jpg

The establishment of Thu-it (Truth) a multi-media, immersive installation of their work sharing their stories through the development and design of a walk through timeline gallery featuring video interviews, photos, graphics, art utilizing traditional oral storytelling and music. In addition to the gallery they are near completion of an immersive 3 hour digital media immersive experience that will take people back in time over a 3 hour time period, deepening their knowledge, experience and understanding of the  impacts of both wester and indigenous world views and systems, history, present and future, utilizing the same media mentioned above with the addition of a post experience zoom-in dialogue with the Elders facilitation team.  


In the summer of 2022, two young Indigenous adults have come on board with our team to complete the design and test run the gallery and installation to prepare for opening at the arts centre in Cowichan in September, 2022 where it will run for 30 days. From there the installation and gallery will be housed in various places to broaden the reach of the stories and decolonization work offered through this creative digital format. 


At the same time this is taking place, our team is working on the architectural design of a permanent home to reside on Upil Rd in Cowichan. This facility will house the multi media installation, a gallery, a youth hub for creating and development of art, film and media with their own dedicated gallery, a carving shed, community gathering space and accommodations for visiting artist and workshop participants. The site is adjacent to a facility that offers a number of different arts, cultural and traditional experiences for students, community members, non-indigenous participants and others and as part of the design phase for the permanent site we are working on the development of shared programming between facilities. 


An online database of video, audio  and written stories related to X’pey, residential school experiences, approved teachings and related information for access to students, educators and future generations.

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Bring Thu-it to Your Community

​Our vision for Thu-it [Truth] is that it be a travelling exhibition. Please contact us if your organization or community might be interested in having us come.


Stay tuned for more information as it is available.