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Ways to Participate

We are currently taking bookings for the Journey of Our Generation workshops. Please feel free to reach out for more information.

Reconciliation: Journey of Our Generation Workshop 

An experiential workshop facilitated by Quw'utsun' Elders, some of whom are Residential School Survivors, Day School Survivors, and Inter-Generational Survivors, working together with Canadians. Each represents a part of our story, a part of the healing, and is committed to creating a new journey for generations to come. 

We have worked with people of all ages in many coastal communities, including over 12
,000 people in the Cowichan valley. Participants leave with:

  • tools to take into their daily workplaces, communities and families that will help integrate and share the knowledge they have gained through this process

  • an opportunity to ask tough questions

  • space for open, honest dialogue

  • a great step in exploring the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission 

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Q'shintul - Cowichan 101 Immersive

Stay tuned for a deeper dive through a year long Cowichan 101 Immersion program starting in spring 2024!


Join a cohort of fellow travelers who will embark on the important work of understanding what it means to show up in this era of reconciliation. The program will include readings and self/group study, cultural teachings and activities, and cultural and historical field trips. Together you will build relationships and a greater understanding of the cultural values, worldview and traditions of Quw'utsun' people. Activities will include Hul'q'umi'num' language classes, medicine walks, sacred bathing, canoe paddling, and understanding relationships to the land and water. Activities will be led by Elders and cultural knowledge holders.


Thu-it horizontal postcard  July 15 2022 (139.7 x 100 mm).png
Thu-it [Truth]​


Thu-it [Truth] starts with Thu-itstuhw [Telling the Truth]

Immerse yourself in an interactive multi-media visual and sensory experience that takes you through time to learn and experience 150+ years of colonial history and the impacts it has and continues to have on Indigenous communities, families and individuals. Told through the experiences of a group of Quw’utsun’ Elders, participants will reconsider history and the significance of Indigenous world views for our time. 


Thu-it (pronounced Tha eet) debuted for a month in the fall of 2022 at the Cowichan Valley Arts Council Gallery. Stay tuned for the next exhibit coming to Saltspring Island in 2024. More information here.

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