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Xpey’ [Cedar] Gathering

By Invitation | Feb 28th to March 2nd, 2023

Cowichan Lake Education Centre

“They say that Xpey’ (Cedar) has only 60 years until extinction.

We need to have a conversation.”  ~ Tousilum Ron George


A common understanding amongst western scientists is that our beloved Xpey’ (Western redcedar) is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. This follows more than a century of logging and other land uses. Xpey’ is a cultural and spiritual keystone species that is inseparable from the life of First Nations communities up and down Vancouver Island and beyond. It has been since time immemorial. It will take all of us working together to protect existing Xpey’ stands and restore the ecological conditions for Xpey’ to survive so that 500 years from now, generations will continue to know and love this beloved tree.

We will come together – harvesters, weavers and carvers, western scientists, landholders, and land managers - to listen to each other about what we are observing on the land and to develop a shared Xpey’ vision and plan for what we will do today for generations 500 years from now. 

The event begins with arrival at 3:00pm on February 28th, followed by dinner and welcome at 5:00pm; until closing and adjournment March 2nd at 4:00pm

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“We won’t just stand by and watch it disappear.” ~ Touslilum Ron George

To register for Xpey', please fill out our online form

If you have any questions or would prefer to register over the phone or by Email, we can be reached at 250-893-9916 or

Overview of the Gathering


AFTERNOON: 3pm - Arrival and settling-in | 4:30 Opening, Welcome

EVENING: Dinner and 'A Cedar is Life' Film, with discussion to follow



MORNING: Breakfast, Sharing Circle – Significance, teachings, use of Xpey', past and present

AFTERNOON: Lunch, Sharing Circle – What changes are people seeing in Xpey’?

EVENING: Dinner, followed by Stories and teachings about cedar



MORNING: Breakfast, Sharing Circle Presentations:

1. Scientific knowledge about western redcedar

2. Establishing a 100% Indigenous footprint on private lands: Legal tools and other opportunities available

3. Realizing Tousilum’s Vision - Local Actions to Restore and Protect Xpey’

AFTERNOON: Sharing Circle - Into the Future; followed by event closing



*More details will be provided closer to the date

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